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The Mohawk Barstool

The Mohawk Barstool

The Mohawk Barstool with copper finish

Mohawk names a north American region of copper ores and its reminiscent indigenous people, who fought against rival tribes and were distinguished by their hairstyle. A distinction which this backless bar stool brings to a modern home decor The strong copper structure of Mohawk swivel bar stool and its industrial elements are balanced by a touch of elegance from the shape of the legs and the comfort of the synthetic leather seating.Our beautifully hand made copper finish Mohawk barstools are the perfect way to strike a balance between a seasonal purchase and a long lasting statement piece. The GZPC Mohawk barstool is a subtle way to introduce seasonal tones while simultaneously investing in a product that works year round.


This marvelous piece borrows its persona from its magnificent long thin copper legs. Copper is a metal that embodies a bold and elegant prestige and lends such attributes to any item its used in, which is why it is so revered in the furniture industry.

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