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Designer Spotlight : FEUERRING

Designer Spotlight : FEUERRING


For summer and winter nights, the Feuerring BBQ grill fire pits are a fabulous addition to your garden or terrace. Designed and developed by the company’s founder, Andreas Reichlin, in response to health issues caused by eating food cooked on a traditional barbecue, the Feuerring started life as a challenge, but evolved through the design genius of Andreas, into something sculptural, beautiful, functional and which lends itself to creating a truly convivial experience of gathering, cooking, eating and enjoying good company.

Luxury Fire Pits

The Feuerring is the first of its kind and absolutely deserving of its title “the original”. It draws its profile from its uniquely reduced form, its facets of use and its simplicity, and from its special and authentic evolutionary history and the story of its success. The uncompromisingly high quality evident in its manufacture, and in the manufacture of all the side products (including graphic material), makes the Original Feuerring unique and recognisable in the market.

It was their mutual passion for music and art which originally brought Beate Hoyer and Andreas Reichlin together. The celebrations after a successful music-and-art event were enjoyed around the first Feuerring. The pleasure and conviviality of this gathering led Reichlin/Hoyer to consider the possibility of making this type of barbecuing better known. Enjoyment was therefore pivotal in the establishment of the company, and the aspect which persuaded the artist. The first models to become available to prospective customers were the archaic, ground-level Feuerrings in three different diameters manufactured, at the time, in his studio by the artist himself.

Luxury Fire Pit and Barbecue

A brand name practically suggested itself: the shapely barbecue grill was to be called the “Feuerring” and it proved possible to patent the name. The logo with the matching and resonant claim: “The art of grilling” was developed in cooperation with the design studio Büro Nord in Küssnacht. The Swiss market was the first one to become aware of the Feuerring. Once the first imitations began to appear, the claim was replaced with “The Original”. The 66 cm-high Gastro model was developed. The “Luna series” emerged from the master form, the Gastro. Stackable table/chair cubes underline the philosophy of seated “all-round barbecuing”. Only necessities are sold as accessories. All with premium quality as a fundamental standard – a standard which also extends to the advertising material and printed matter. The company’s philosophy also encompasses the use of regional resources; wherever possible, regional suppliers are called on. The same also applies for the Feuerrings, which are now produced externally, by, and at the premises of, the companies Blechumform GmbH and Isenschmid AG, under the critical eye of Andreas Reichlin. 



The Feuerring Luna captivates with its individual height. With the second bottom the fire will be visible in the perfect height. A timeless piece of art which pleases in an aesthetic and culinary way supporting your eating philosophy. With the Luna40 you will enjoy conviviality with your guests having a barbecue together. 

Luxury Fire Pit - Luna Collection



The “little one” with the big ambitions, Ovum allows barbecue cooking to be done while sitting or standing at its side. With the second bottom the fire will be visible in the perfect height. The Feuerring Ovum enriches your little garden or balcony with its noble aesthetic.

Luxury Fire Pit - Ovum Collection



Feuerring’s latest creation, TULIP captivates with its spring-flower shape during the whole year. With TULIP 40 and 50 you’ll enjoy conviviality, cooking with your guests while sitting on the steel-cubus. Tulip 60, 70 and 80 are designed for standing barbecue cooking.

Luxury Fire Pit - Tulip Collection




Enjoy conviviality with your guests having a barbecue together around these low-shaped Feuerring on the chairs / tables Kubus.
Feuerring D100: diameter 100cm, height 23cm, weight 100kg
Feuerring D110: diameter 110cm, height 25cm, weight 120kg
Feuerring D120: diameter 120cm, height 28cm, weight 140kg

D Collection



Offer to your guests best taste sensations with the Luna and Gastro models. With the second bottom the fire will be visible in the perfect height. Timeless pieces of art which pleases in an aesthetic and culinary way supporting your eating philosophy. Feuerring Luneli has the same height as his bigger brother Luna40. The piece of jewellery for the little garden or the balcony.
Luna 40: diameter 125cm, height 40cm, weight 200kg
Luna 50: diameter 128cm, height 50cm, weight 220kg
Luna 60: diameter 131cm, height 60cm, weight 240kg
Gastro: diameter 132cm, height 66cm, weight 250kg
Luneli: diameter 100cm, height 40cm, weight 140kg

Luna Collection Dimensions



The “little one” with the big ambitions, allows barbecue sitting or standing at its side.
Ovum 55: diameter 95cm, height 55cm, weight 140kg
Ovum 75: diameter 100cm, height 75cm, weight 160kg

Ovum Collection Dimensions


Luxury Fire Pit - Accessories


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