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Utilising Designer Accessories and Furniture In Your Living Space

Utilising Designer Accessories and Furniture In Your Living Space

Many people purchase high-quality designer accessories and furnishings for their longevity and uniqueness. However, designing and elevating the aesthetics of your living room with designer goods can be quite challenging as they may look out of place. Read on as we discuss several luxury accessories to purchase, that fits into any interior and transforms your living room décor.

Read on as we discuss several luxury accessories to purchase, that fits into any interior and transforms your living room décor.

Living Room Decor Using Designer Accessories

When we think the word luxurious, we would typically associate it with shiny, gold metallic and plush textures. So, if you want to achieve a luxurious living room, here are some products you may want to include:

Designer sofas

This neutral velvet ‘Frato Dover’ sofa lined with gold, is minimalistic but gives off a classy timeless vibe. Its simplicity and elegance creates a similar feel to what you would typically see in some of the world’s finest 5-star hotels.


Designer cushions

A set of cushions can make your living room feel more homely.  The ‘Aztaro Phulkari Weave’ cushion is inspired by a traditional folk art known as ‘Phulkari’ from North India. The rustic weave pattern contrasts well with the solid colour of the sofa, making it a perfect addition which adds texture and dimension to your living room.

Designer rugs

If your wooden flooring is looking bare, you can decorate it with a soft rug. While sticking with the neutral grey tones, the ‘Brabbu Poppy’ rug, made of hand-tufted 100% wool, would match perfectly with the velvet sofa and cushions above. The rug’s simple detailing adds elegance to your living room and will not overwhelm people who step into your living room.

Designer coffee tables

A living room is not complete if you don’t have a coffee table. The ‘Boca Do Lobo Aquarius’ coffee table is no ordinary round coffee table – it’s a delicate art piece which blends seamlessly with the rest of the décor. This beautiful coffee table also adds a touch of chicness, which allows you to take the design of your living room to the next level.

Designer lights

Lighting in your living room is not only essential but can make a big difference with the feeling of the overall space. Therefore, the ‘Il Pezzo 3 Round Chandelier’, inspired by Arabic calligraphic art, can be a great addition to your contemporary living room. This chandelier is handcrafted with forged brass and elegant crystal candles fitted with the latest LED technology. When the lights are turned on, the chandelier creates a sophisticated and romantic glow to your living room.

Designer mirrors

Generally, people place a mirror in their living room for practical use, to give the illusion that the room is bigger or want to cover up their empty walls. The ‘Boca Do Lobo Glance’ defragmented gold lining mirror may not be very practical, but it makes for an elegant art fixture to your home décor.

Designer diffusers

Tables can look odd when they are completely empty, so placing this unique ‘Micahel Aram Lemonwood’ diffuser can immediately alter the mood, smell and feel of your living room. This diffuser can act as a beautiful accessory which adds an earthy look, as well as providing light, herbal and citrusy aroma to your living room.

Designer games

If you’re a board games advocate, this ‘Aracahorn Nabuk Leather & Burnished Brass’ Chessboard will be a perfect table centrepiece in your living room. The chess pieces are made of matte horn and burnished brass, and is a truly unique feature which will almost always be a great conversation starter, if you have guests over.

If you have space, you can voice your passion by purchasing the ‘Arcahorn’ chessboard table. The Chessboard table is made of dark horn and wood lacquered with a black gloss finish. The top of the table is covered with tempered smoked glass, and the chessmen are made from horn and palladium-plated brass.