Porta Romana

Designer Spotlight: Porta Romana


Porta Romana began life in 1988 in a tiny London workshop. From the beginning, the ambition was to create beautiful and inspiring pieces that would be loved. Good fortune came in finding skilled British craftspeople to create those quirky and original designs.

The Porta Romana style and design language has continuously evolved over the following quarter century to become a leading global brand, and a critical ingredient in the world’s most beautiful houses, yachts, hotels and movie sets. We still work with many of our original artisans, and continue to seek out the next artistic talent, to help breathe fresh life into our collections.


Porta Romana Duck Feet Lamp
Duck Feet Lamp - Decayed silver with white duck feather shade


Porta Romana's most iconic piece. It was inspired by a visit to a surrealist exhibition. A beautiful piece in any itteration and especially in its feathered shade.
 Decayed Gold/Decayed Silver Alternative finishes available
 Porta Romana Ceramic Hydra and Husk
Husk Lamp -  Volcanic with 16 inch tall cylinder in husk linen


The Husk Lamp is characterful and quirky. Undulating bobbles of ceramic are furtherdefined by the volcanic slip glaze inspired by those of Lucie Rie. Once an accident of the glazing process, 
this technique of layering glazes has been honed and semi-controlled to create incredible multi-depth finishes. The shape sits on a new bronze base and is accessorised with bronze fittings which tie in the deeper notes.
Porta Romana Flynn Tabe Lamp
Flynn Table Lamp - Decayed silver with charcoal shade


A tall skeletal structure over a metre high and reaching up towards the sky. Table Lamp formed from a tight cylinder of beaten ‘Flynn’ strips.
Porta Romana Hive Console
Hive Console Table - Patinated brass with clear glass top


The inspiration for this piece came from the hypnotic interlocking of hexagons found in a piece of honeycomb.
Crafted out of brass, finished in a rich patina and topped off with polished golden crowns and a clear glass top, the Hive Console is a real tour de force.
The varying heights of these brass pillars bears an uncanny resemblance to the basalt towers in Fingal’s cave, Scotland, but its luxuriously rich colouring and construction
has its existence destined for an interior much more beautiful.