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Kirkby Design Frooty Tooty

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A whimsical scene of all types of cheeky characters.

Cover: 100% cotton
Pad: feather pad (not supplied to all markets).
Actual appearance of the products may differ from the images shown. Cushion panels are cut at random from the fabric.

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Kirkby Design, a high performance, chic and modern fabric resource library, composed of collections with a contemporary feel and coloured with a cosmopolitan palette. Its wide range of unique colors and designs, Kirkby's product range is the perfect complement to any interior design scheme, whether it be one's own living scheme or commercial settings such as hotels, spas or restaurants. Much attention and care as been given to their fabric treatements to make sure that many of their fabrics meet Crib 5 standard, and to specialist techniques to improve the durability of domestic and contract fabrics, makeing sure that the durability of the products does no take away from the natural look and feel of their products.
dimensions W50xH50 cm
Lead time 3-5 days