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Summer: Outdoor living at it's finest

Summer: Outdoor living at it's finest


Outdoor living at its finest

 Summer is finally here, and it’s time to get our exterior spaces looking as lovely as the interiors. When long, hot days and balmy evenings are spent lounging outside, whether it be in your bijoux courtyard town garden or beside your pool, choosing the right furniture and statement pieces will help to relax and revitalise you. 

So with holidays drawing ever nearer and everyone soaking up as much sun as possible, we have brought together some wonderful imagery of our products to inform and inspire you. Scroll down and enjoy the views! 


Summer days

Sculptural oversized loungers and day beds bring a focal point to your outdoor area.  

 Strip Cabana

Strips Cabana - white matte aluminum frame with intersecting silver walnut viro fiber strips

Sometimes shade is just as important as light. As shown above and below, large, multi-person-sized daybeds with cover provide a sanctuary where you can escape the rays and chill out with a good book or enjoy a relaxed conversation with friends. Also, due to the sculptural shapes and scale of these pieces, the aesthetic of your outdoor space is effortlessly morphed and enhanced.

 Luxury Sun Lounger

Shade Daybed - combined with seat and back cushions to provide its comfort

When it comes to outdoor furniture, your options are widely varied with us, with intrinsic quality and detail being the defining coherent narrative between all our pieces. So as a contrast to the above loungers, if you were looking for something a bit more minimalistic, you would also find in our extensive range the wonderfully sumptuous chair and ottoman below. We know it can be difficult choosing the right items for your space, especially if it is a commercial space, which is why at GZ Premium Collections we are on hand to help you select the perfect combinations for you to tell the story you are trying to tell.

Outdoor Seating Minimalist


Summer Nights

It’s true the days are long, but summer nights are just as important. In this sunken garden designed by our partner,  GZID, you can’t help but get carried away by the sound of falling water from the custom built feature, while the stunning fire tables add a golden glow that mesmerises, and warms the cool air as the sun goes down. Both the upper and lower levels of this garden were designed with a duality in mind - solitude and socialising. The executive client leads a very busy life, which includes much long-haul travel. When at home she loves to be able to shut out the world and enjoy the peace afforded to her by this oasis of calm that greets her at the end of a day dealing with the inherent chaos of city working life. On the social end of the scale, there is a bespoke bar area that boasts built in fridges, a sink, and a large BBQ area, providing everything needed for indoor/outdoor parties, while the bi-folding doors to all the rooms in the front of the house truly bring the outdoors in. For more inspiration and images of this project, please visit 

Outdoor Garden Bar


Daydreaming in the Shade

The romance of the desert is embraced here with this use of beautiful teak furniture. The four poster daybed, with curtains to block out the sun’s harsh rays, provides privacy and a quiet sanctuary. 

Daybed Cabana

 Spaceship - Solid Asian TEAK frames, details in brushed steel


 Form and Function. Accents and Statement Pieces

Accessories, art and outdoor lighting all enhance the user’s experience and provide interest and depth.

Outdoor Sculpture

Outdoor Sculpture