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Bella Pieroni Embrace

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Frame: Black wood 3cm
Bella is an influential, contemporary fine artist mainly focusing her attention on the dynamism of the human form. Her work is described by people as having great energy and vitality.
Her drawings are mainly worked in naturally occurring mediums. In recent years she has been adding and exploring with colour.

Her way of working is very much in the moment and thereby capturing the essence of the figure in motion.

Music is a primary source of inspiration and always used when working. This influences the outcome and drives the energy.

To her, the viewer's own interpretation of her work and therefore their involvement in it is very important.

Bella has been exhibiting both nationally and internationally for over 30 years. In 1996 she founded PIERONI CONTEMPORARY ART under which title she exhibits at art fairs.
dimensions W59xH86 cm
Lead time 2-3 Weeks