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Aztaro Diamond Weave Cushion Small

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Front 80% cotton, 20% viscose back 62% viscose, 22% polyester, 16% nylon.
This collection is inspired by a folk art "Phulkari", an embroidery native to Punjab in"north"India. The word Phulkari literally translates to "flower work", "Phul" meaning flower and "Kari" meaning work. Traditionally, Phulkari was embroidered on hand spun cotton known as "khaddar", using silk thread in reds and bright colours as these textiles were used for auspicious festive occasions. In Punjab, all over Phulkari is referred to as Bagh (literally meaning "garden of flowers" and was often inspired of nature). Tradition had it that a bride's trousseau was incomplete without a Bagh embroidered by her mother. The exact history and origin of this craft is unknown, but the earliest available pieces of this embroidery date back to the 15th century. Some believe that it originated from the Iranian craft of Gulkari. "Gul" also meaning flower, it was deemed synonymous with Phulkari. The other more accepted theory is that it was bought to Punjab by the Jat peasants who originally migrated from Central Asia. Aztaro brings to you a unique rendition of this folk art, recreating a Bagh on traditional handlooms using the popular flower and diamond motifs. The rustic weave on a western colour palette, combined with luxurious silk dupion and modern finishes, transforms this domestic village craft to a piece of home couture.
dimensions W30.48xH30.48 cm
Lead time 3-5 days